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Midnight long drive during monsoons

Life is all about enjoying it!!!

Our lives can be considered as a glass of a car---  When we pull it up, we can see a darker perspective of the world while when we pull it down it’s completely the vice versa. Our life has a lot to give to each one of us-- if we always creep about the darker side then we will never be in a position to appreciate the brighter side of life..
Enjoy every moment as life is too short to creep over petty issues.

Hide and seek

It was a lovely evening on 10th June, when the sun was playing hide and seek  with the clouds. The rain poured for a while but then it stopped and the sun came out of the hide clouds smiling and looking at us from the top!!
A photograph of the sun peeping out to the clouds.

A Art by me

Magic of Color

Lit up the place..

Well, this picture doesn’t hold any great significance… It was a normal click which was taken during a power shutdown, when I was at my Granny’s place… That day as we didn’t have currents, I suggested that we all should have a candle light dinner.. So we arranged candles and lit up the entire room.. Trust me, it was amazing…Candle light dinner with family at home!! It’s an amazing idea!! I think you all gotta try this out!! J

Back to School days!!

Well, June is here!!! And so are the school days!!! Time to get new books, new bags, and most importantly, time to make some new friends… I was just walking through the Mapusa market, when I found this shop with really lovely bags.. Here, my favourite one is the Barbie bag… When I was a kid, I always had a Barbie bag along with me!! :D It took me back to all those magical days…
Here’s a special treat for all of you’ll!!!

The Church Bell...

Birthday Special!!!

Well, Birthdays are perfect time to make your fellow friend feel special… My friends gifted me a really special gift on my birthday day!! A collage with all their lovely memories with me!! Indeed, a big treat for  a person like me..!! A huge tear came tumbling down when I seen that gift!! J
Thank you for making me feel special…

The interesting floor tile!!

The floor can be interesting when you have nothing to do!!! Recently, I was doing my internship at a firm. After completing my work, I was a bit bored so the first thing that caught my attention was the floors.. It’s leading lines drawed me towards it and made me think well, this could be the next post for Perspective of Life…
And here you go, here it is...!!

A day at the Beach